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Outdorable movable climbers solid timber
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Outdorable Beaverlodge Adventure - Challenge Package 1

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We've made it easy for you to get started, with our basic play package which simply includes one of each height climber as well as one of each of the challenge planks. Even with only 3 climbers, you can create many different configurations to help stimulate the children’s imaginative play experience.

As with our other products, these BeaverLodge climbers and planks are all made from our modified timber which is 100% FSC sustainable, environmentally friendly and best of all, is weatherproof meaning you can leave it outdoors year in, year out.

We have spent countless hours with specialist designers and pulled together many suggestions we have received over the years from the industry, to develop something that is beautiful and natural, yet movable to allow the creation of multiple configurations, encouraging children’s physical and mental development. Expands and stimulates Imaginative play and helps encourage basic Gross motor skills and hand-eye coordination, balance and spatial awareness.

The trapezoidal is a clever shape. Watch them make boats and set sail into the ocean, or create tunnels to crawl through. The slots in the side make for great post office roleplay or hide and seek.

NOTE: As this package includes climbers over 600mm high, it must be used on sufficient soft fall (playground surfacing) that complies to AS/NZ 4422 for at least 1500mm from the structure at any given point. Learn more


Timber type
Natural acetylated solid pine - weather proof - doesn’t warp or swell
Stainless steel


Outdorable Beaverlodge Adventure Climbers are a Registered Design of Outdorable®
Solid Timber Construction
FSC Certified Timber
100% Environmentally safe
Completely non-toxic
Enhances children’s physical and mental development
moveable for flexible learning environments
Weatherproof timber suitable for all weather conditions
Timber guaranteed outdoors 25+ years
Smooth edges
unlimited configurations
Arrives fully assembled
Complies with safety standard AS 4685:2014
No maintenance coatings required