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Fantastic optical effect and funny finger games, two patterned turntables and two pushing elements. The patterns change by turning the circles. The little animals seem to creep or fly away when the boards are pushed. Because plenty of space has been left between the elements you can completely concentrate on the individual visual effects.

Panels can be mounted directly to the wall or with optional rail kits available to purchase separately. We recommend using your favourite builder/handyman to carry out the wall installation of this product for the safest and tidiest result.

Promote perception and precision motor skills
Offer optical, acoustic and haptic elements
Immediately available as a play corner
Varied and interesting for a long time
For a wide variety of ages
No loose parts so nothing gets lost
Nothing to clean up
Ideal for keeping children busy in entry-ways and waiting areas


Base Material
Birch Plywood
406W x 432H mm